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Will i get stretch marks? if i do, what can i do? - pregnancy


It doesn't seem feasible at the outset of pregnancy, but your skin especially will stretch an adequate amount of to accommodate your baby. Collagen and elastin in the skin assurance it. It seems that collagen has the tensile dilution of steel - and by the end of the pregnancy, you'll absorb why this is important.

Elastin, just like the name implies, comprises the rubber-like, flexible fibers in the skin. From a methodical perspective, each elastin molecule will unravel into a more absolute conformation when the fiber is stretched and will flinch spontaneously as soon as the stretching force is relaxed. Easily put, you will tend to bounce back when your baby is born.

Stretch marks are a collective fear of more or less every newly pregnant woman. Information are aligned with you ― some say as many as 90 percent of women get them on their abdomen, breasts, and/or thighs ― but here's why you shouldn't be too concerned:

The current about stretch marks is inherited, and you can't alteration your genetics.

If you do your best to gain credence gradually; there's not much more you can do.

Moisturizers may make your skin feel better, but don't waste too much money on exceptional stretch-mark creams. No topical care has been proven to avert stretch marks.

Even if you get stretch marks, they do fade fairly over time. Laser treatments can help cut off stretch marks in brutal cases. Consult your dermatologist four to six months after the pregnancy.

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