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Accurate dating of pregnancy is one of the most chief steps in your prenatal care. Every conclusion you make and many tests that are run are candidly correlated to or interpreted from where you are in your pregnancy. Using the first day of your last menstrual episode as the opening point is the banner contract for dating pregnancies ¯ that's since it's a date most women can recall, while the concrete date of conception is a hardly harder to pinpoint.

It can be confusing, though. For example, an origin that is twenty-six days from conception would be about forty days from the first day of the last menstrual age for a woman with twenty-eight-day cycles. Therefore, she could be called "almost six weeks," even even if she is only more or less four. A "due date" is typically calculated based on 280 days from the first day of your last menstrual period. Actually, the average development of a human fetus is 266 days from conception.

Confused yet? The bearing of menstrual dates is that most books use them to confer the develop of your pregnancy and additional allocate it into three trimesters. If you get a book on fetal development, however, it will be using definite dates that start with conception.

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