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The American School of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that women gain everywhere connecting 25 and 35 pounds for the duration of pregnancy. Of course, this poundage depends on the woman's initial weight. If she is overweight, then she ought to gain less and if she is underweight, then she ought to gain more. Easy enough. Now, let's fake that your gal starts her pregnancy at a good for your health and sexy weight. What the heck will she look like with thirty more pounds? Don't worry! It gets evenly dispersed all over her body and doesn't all go to her ass. Here's a common breakdown of where the burden goes:

* Baby (aka the bun in the oven): 7. 5 pounds

* Placenta: 1. 5 pounds

* Amniotic Fluid: 2 pounds

* Augment in uterus (This gets bigger, too): 2 pounds

* Superior boob size (Yay, for you!): 2 pounds

* More blood (She now overheats easily): 4 pounds

* Fluid withholding (Not fun for your partner): 4 pounds

* Caring fat supplies (Her burden gain): 7 pounds

Total Be around Gain: 30 pounds

To help keep the burden gain on track, your partner be supposed to aim to gain 3-5 pounds at some point in her first trimester, which averages out to 1-1. 5 pounds per month. At some point in her be with trimester, she must gain about 0. 5 pounds per week, and she be supposed to gain an arithmetic mean of 1 pound per week all through her third trimester. Again, this is just a guideline, so don't freak out (and don't let her freak out) if she gains 2 pounds one week and nonentity another. For the most part, her body is doing its own thing. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

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