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Calcium and pregnancy - pregnancy


Studies show that most women do not get adequate daily Calcium. And many pregnant women do not achieve that the average prenatal vitamin only contains 4-20% of the RDA of Calcium. Calcium is critical for brawny teeth and bones, muscle contractions, nerve behave and blood clotting. Calcium-deficiency domino effect in decreased bone density (which in turn leads to osteoporosis and better bone break risk), hypertension, preeclampsia, and augmented cavities. There is also clinical demonstrate that correlates Calcium-deficiencies with preterm deliveries, low birth credence babies, high blood bulldoze in baby and cesarean sections. Our bodies cannot be the source of Calcium, hence we must consume it. The Optional Daily Allowance of Calcium for pregnant or, breastfeeding women, is 1,200 mg. Good sources of Calcium are planned on the foot of this article. There is, however, much more to receiving your daily allowance than just consuming 1,200 mg of calcium. There are many factors that add to how much calcium is in fact absorbed by the body. For example;

Vitamin D: Vitamin D facilitates calcium captivation into our bones. So you could consume all the calcium in the world, but with no vitamin D it won't do you any good. Different to calcium, our bodies bring into being vitamin D next exposure to sunlight. Fifteen minutes, two to three times a day is commonly adequate to be the source of the vitamin D we need. Accepted food sources high in vitamin D are egg yolks, brine fish and liver. The RDA of vitamin D is 400 IU. Use caution though, enormously high doses can be harmful, even fatal. Do not exceed more than 800 IU except not compulsory by your doctor.

Timing: Your body can only absorb so much calcium at one time. For this reason, it is imperative to space out your calcium intake during the day. It is optional that you do not intake more than 500 mg in one sitting.

Elemental Calcium: Fundamental calcium is the quantity of calcium that your body can use. For example, a 500 mg calcium carbonate dose contains 200 mg of fundamental calcium, and a 500 mg calcium citrate drug contains 105 mg fundamental calcium. So be sure to look at the essential calcium weight, not just the total weight. An added aspect to look at is how well a supplement pill dissolves in a glass of warm water after 30 minutes. If it doesn't dissolve, this tells you it will also not absorb very well into your body.

Avoid calcium supplements from coarse oyster shell, bone meal, or dolomite lacking the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) symbol. They may control high levels of lead or other toxic and potentially dangerous metals. Also, colonize with shellfish allergies ought to not take coral calcium. It is critical to consult with your physician if you have a selection of medicinal setting (i. e. , thyroid disease, kidney disease, gallstones, lactose intolerance, or a selection of rare diseases), and check likely interactions with other over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Also bring to mind that too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Extreme intake of Calcium (over 2,500 mg daily) can lead to kidney stones. Calcium in any quantity reduces the efficiency of more than a few antibiotics and also reduces the captivation of many vitamins, exceptionally iron.

Food sources high in Calcium:

450 mg - 1 cup Plain yogurt;
340 mg - 1/2 cup Ricotta cheese;
315 mg - 1 cup fruit yogurt;
300 mg - 1 cup milk;
272 mg - 1 oz Swiss cheese;
204 mg - 1 oz. Cheddar cheese;
175 mg - 1 oz. American cheese;
138 mg - 1 cup Chalet cheese;
118 mg - 1/2 cup soft serve Ice cream

122 mg - 1/2 cup Spinach;
99 mg - 1/2 cup Turnip greens;
90 mg - 1 cup Broccoli;
80 mg - 1/2 cup Bok Choy;
73 mg - cup dandelion greens;
45 mg - 1/2 cup Kale

175 mg - 1 cup cooked soybeans;
162 mg - 1 cup cooked white beans;
80 mg - 1 cup garbanzo beans;
50 mg - 1 cup cooked red kidney beans;
47 mg - 1 cup cooked black beans

434 mg - cup tofu with calcium;
269 mg - 10 dried figs;
214 mg - 2 bean and cheese burritos;
180 mg - 3 oz. Salmon, canned with bones;
172 mg - 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses;
80 mg - 1 oz. Dry roasted almonds;
44 mg - Corn tortilla

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