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Mums to be can often get concerned about having sex while pregnant; well there is no medicinal confirmation that having sexual intercourse even as pregnant does any harm at all.

There are a few cases where your GP may direct you about not having intercourse:

- If you are Prone to miscarriages your GP may direct avoiding intercourse for the first three months or at the times when you would have been having your age when your hormones would be at their lowest.

- You may be advised to avoid intercourse in the later stages of pregnancy if you have a annals of premature labour

- Your GP may counsel you to avoid intercourse if you have a low lying placenta

There is no need to worry about your baby being debilitated by the comprehension of the penis as it is well protected. This guard comes from the Burly wall of the uterus, from the mucus plug that seals the neck of the uterus, and from the bag of waters.

Sexual intercourse will not start labour if the body is not ready. However, if your baby is overdue, provocation of the nipple and intercourse could help in early labour. The prostaglandins in semen allay the cervix, and hormones on the loose by nipple stimulation further the uterus to contract.

Sexual requests at some stage in pregnancy be at variance from being to person. Some women may just feel too ill or tired for sex, or a man may worry about harming the unborn child. Some women may just not feel sexually charismatic even as pregnant. In these cases it is best to talk as a fasten to reassure each other of the others feelings.

On the other hand many couples feel that pregnancy can do wonders for the sex life. Many men may be aroused by the fuller breasts and rounder hips of a pregnant partner. Some women feel great about not having to worry about contraceptives and periods.

Well ahead of all of that is the authentic input in sexual intercourse where some colonize often worry. Of classes as the pregnancy develops, the follower arrange becomes impossible, which on a plus side army into exploring other ways to make love. A few ideas are:

- Woman on top - this not only gives the man a great view, but also lets the woman stay in be in command of of arrange and penetration.

- Rear entry positions - take time to find a arrange that is comfortable for you these rear entry positions also allow the man more penetration

- Spoons - this is where both partners lye on their side and the man penetrates from behind, this gives shallower acumen which is more comfortable for some ladies at some stage in the later stages of pregnancy

Article by Beverley Brooke Visit http://www. pregnancy-weight-loss. com for more on pregnancy sex and other pregnancy topics


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