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There are three clear-cut stages of pregnancy, called trimesters, each about 13 weeks. The stage of pregnancy, or trimester, is crucial to your baby's augmentation and might be uncomfortable for you. As your body adjusts to the intense hormones of a new pregnancy, you might come into contact with crack of dawn condition and moodiness. Your breasts will swell and you will miss your period. Your baby will grow from a small cluster of cells to an rudiment with the first phase of eyes, ears, fingers and toes. The baby will be able to move his arms and legs. At the end of the first trimester, you may announcement that you are "showing" and your doctor of medicine may be able to tell you what sex the baby is.

During the be with trimester, your belly will grow as the baby does, and you will begin to feel the baby move. You may be subjected to headaches, giddiness and backaches from the changes episode to your body. Luckily, break of day disease has disappeared, but you may begin to hold water. Your baby's bones are increasing and he is sheltered with a fine layer of hair called lanugo. As your belly expands, you go on to gain weight. In spite of this, the be with trimester is the time most pregnant women enjoy the most.

The baby's cyst slows by the end of the third trimester. Vital organs are urbanized and fat begins to advance under the baby's skin. At some stage in the last weeks of the third trimester, the baby begins to descend into the birth canal. You will have gained 25-35 pounds (ideally) and you may be subjected to some tiredness and lack of sensation in the pelvic area. Urination is more everyday and your breasts may start to feel heavy and leak. Of course, the third trimester ends with the birth of your baby!

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